Snow Like Ashes

My Review:

This novel is based in a mythical land called Primoria, which is split into four Season Kingdoms (Winter, Summer, Spring, and Autumn) and into four Rhythm Kingdoms (Cordell, Ventralli, Yakim, and Paisly). Each of these kingdoms is able to thrive along with the assistance of magic in the form of a conduit. A conduit is an object such as a locket or staff that draws magic from the magical source that lies in a cavern under the Klaryn Mountains. This magic can only be used by the King or Queen of the kingdom. And each ruler uses his or her magical item to amplify their citizens’ natural gifts.

When the story opens, there are only eight free Winterians remaining, including the sole heir to the throne, Prince Mather, and his best friend (our protagonist) Meira. The rest of the Winter people who survived Spring’s attacked on Winter (mass genocide) are enslaved in work camps.

I was not a fan of Meira at first, I found her whiny, irritating, immature, and reckless. Sixteen is definitely old enough to stop throwing foot-stomping, arm-waving tantrums, especially when those tantrums are completely idiotic and have no merit. She would complain about wanting to be useful to Winter yet when given the opportunity to do something, she mopes around about it. Fortunately, she does not do that for long and eventually learns to accept her circumstances. By the the end, she adapts to her new role while remaining true to herself. As Meira grew as a individual, I grew to like her a great deal.

Meira does have two love interests in the book, so yes a love triangle is present. Personally, I do not mind love triangle, as long as the whole book isn’t focused on the love triangle. I believe that love triangles have there places in novels, as long as they are created well (I HATE instant love though. There is NEVER a place for it in my opinion and a book is almost always ruined for me if the main characters fall in love instantly). Fortunately, Sara creates her love triangle extremely well, actually, we do not see very much of it at all. Meira ends up spending much of her time avoiding the issue by avoiding one love part of the her triangle entirely. So yes, she pretty much ignores that whole love triangle until that entire storyline gets dropped in favour of her starting a rebellion and becoming a leader. Perfect right??

And the guys involved are pretty great guys. They have many fine qualities and support her decisions most of the time. Meira and Mather have this adorable best-friends-maybe-more relationship happening. However, I team Theron all the way. Prince Theron appears, and the world opens up into a broadening web of intrigue, betrayal, and underhanded deals. Once he appears, I quickly go from supporting Mather/Meira to wishing Mather gone. Theron is da best.

Overall this book was pretty amazing. The writing style was smooth, and transitioned nicely, and it does not hurt that the cover is beyond epic. While it was a little info-dumpy to begin with and has inconsistencies, it quickly gets better after the first part of the novel and has a lot going for it. I am truly excited about where this book is headed. I cannot wait for book 2 and some more Theron time….!!



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