Heir of Fire



Heir of Fire carries on after the events on Crown of Midnight. Sent to Wendlyn, Celaena’s thoughts lie on avenging the death of her dearest friend, and destroying the tyrant on Erilea’s throne. Chaol sacrificed his future to send Celaena to Wednlyn to protect her. Dorian finds help in an unlikely place, and deep in the mountains a force is mustering to take to the skies.

Heir of Fire is completely different from the rest of the series. Here, Celaena’s assassin skills didn’t show as much but her Fae side surely did. Up until the middle part of the book, I was expecting that her full blown power would not be shown until the fourth book, but I was wrong.

While I was expecting more on the Chaol and Celaena spectrum, I quite enjoyed how Maas focused on the growth of each character independently. They value each other the same way but I liked seeing each one of them think, feel and decide on their own, without physically influencing each other. In this way, I got to know them a little bit deeper, not how they would act together.

Also, the new characters Maas introduced namely ROWAN WHITETHORN and Aedion Ashryver blew my mind away. They are simply amazing. Rowan Whitethorn is now one of my favorite characters in the whole series. He’s a prince, and his Fae powers are simply awesome. He is forced by Maeve (Fae Queen) to train Celaena. He’s terrifying and intense, protective, caring, and lethal when it comes to his enemies. He and Celaena develop a friendship that will seriously make your heart leap because she finally has someone that she can rely on 100%. Instead of secrecy and judging, they would die for each other and work together as a team. I totally ship Rowan and Celaena, I am ready for her and Chaol to be over, like now. Aedion Ashryver is a General with a bad reputation–and he’s the cousin of Aelin, and deeply devoted to her–but as a character, he’s actually quite likable. It’ll be interesting to see what he does next…

I loved the Celaena and Chaol scenes, but I never really got into the Manon scenes. They were well-written and still really exciting, but I’m afraid that it took me a while to get into these sections of the novel. By the time I became addicted to these scenes the novel was nearly over.

Overall, this book was fantastic. I am eagerly awaiting the next novel in this series. Sarah J. Maas is a fantastic author and her characters are amazing and as is the plot and her writing style. READ THIS BOOK!



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